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Is a cracked or broken pipe causing drainage or other plumbing issues in your home or office? Our cost-effective, ‘no-dig’ pipe relining in Sydney can save your day! It’s a quick, non-destructive, and eco-friendly alternative to digging up and replacing your piping. Getting a pipe relining greatly reduces the chances of having an expensive plumbing repair or damage to your property. We offer a complete range of services, including blocked drain cleaning, drain repair and maintenance, sewer repair, sewer maintenance, septic and stormwater systems, and pipe lining in Sydney.

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Give New Life To Your Old, Damaged Pipes

Drain Relining Sydney

Looking for a cost-effective and non-invasive solution for repairing damaged drain pipes? We’ve got you covered! Our professionals specialise in drain relining in Sydney that helps fix breaks and leaks in your drainage system. We perform a complimentary CCTV camera inspection to find out what’s wrong with your drain pipes and determine if relining or replacing your drain pipes is the best option. Our professionals will use a high-power, hydro-jet drain cleaner to remove the blocks in your drain pipes. Then, we employ the Brawoliner inversion system for pipe relining. With our drain relining services, the disruption is minimal and requires no digging.

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Sewer Relining Sydney

Digging up and replacing your sewer pipe can be expensive! If you want to fix your sewer line but are worried about all the digging, don’t fret. We specialise in sewer relining in Sydney that helps fix the damage in your sewer pipe with little to no digging near the repair site. Whether it’s a rusty pipe, overgrown tree roots, or other issues, we provide a quick and affordable pipe relining in Sydney for residential, commercial and industrial customers.

Seamless Pipe Relining in Sydney for Lasting Results

Need help fixing your leaky or blocked pipes? We specialise in ‘no-dig’ pipe relining, employing the better pipe relining technology and providing the strongest warranty. Our Sydney relining products come with a 40-year product warranty and 50-year life expectancy. Call 0488 698 698 now!

We Provide 30 year Warranty on all our products

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Enquiry: Complete an online booking enquiry form or call us directly on 0488 698 698


On-site visitation: We will arrange an onsite visitation for a non-obligatory quote.

Complementary CCTV
Pipe Inspection

Complementary CCTV pipe inspection- Whilst on site we will provide a complementary Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) inspection of your pipeline.

Quotation &

Quotation & Acceptance – Following the findings we can recommend the best solution and course of action to rectify your drainage / pipeline problem and provide a quotation.


Execution – Once the quotation is approved, we will schedule a suitable date and time to carry out the repair work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Pipe relining is a technique in which a new, incredibly strong pipe is created within a cracked or broken pipe using epoxy resin liners. One of the greatest advantages of this technique is that it doesn’t require extensive digging like conventional methods. During pipe relining in Sydney, we will initially perform a complimentary CCTV camera inspection to determine the extent of the damage in the pipes. The pipe is thoroughly cleaned to remove any obstructions, debris, or substances that might hinder the relining process. Based on the findings, we use a ‘no-dig’ pipe relining system from Brawoliner to reline the pipe. Our pipe relining forms a strong, durable, and water-tight lining without the need for digging or causing any damage to your property. This method is commonly used for sewer lines, stormwater pipes, and other underground pipelines.  Our professionals at Sydney Pipe Relining have undergone extensive in-house training to handle pipe relining effectively for both commercial and residential customers.

At Sydney Pipe Relining, we use the specialised ‘no-dig’ pipe relining system from Brawoliner for pipe relining in Sydney. This system uses high-quality materials to line damaged pipes and uses an epoxy resin that withstands extreme pressure, heat, and corrosion. The usage of high-quality materials ensures that the lining will last for decades, providing a long-lasting solution to your house or office’s plumbing system. The technique involves using a flexible and resin-coated liner to repair damaged or deteriorating pipes without the need for extensive excavation.

We prefer the Brawoliner pipe relining system because it’s easy to install and requires no digging. This non-invasive procedure makes sure that there are no damages caused to your property or landscape. Moreover, this system is compatible with different pipe sizes and shapes. The lining is smooth and non-porous and results in less friction in the pipes. This increases the flow capacity of your pipes.

Drain relining in Sydney is one of the ‘no-dig’ pipe relining methods that’s quick and cost-efficient. Here are a few benefits:

  • Drain relining is a trenchless technique that doesn’t require excavation and digging. Compared to traditional techniques, it causes minimal disruption to landscaping, driveways, and more.
  • Since the process requires less labour, equipment, and restoration methods, the cost involved is lower than traditional technique.
  • It’s easy to install allowing for quicker resolution of drainage issues.
  • The materials used in drain relining, such as epoxy resin-coated liners, create a durable and corrosion-resistant inner layer, providing a long-lasting solution to pipe deterioration.
  • Drain relining can be applied to various pipe materials, including clay, PVC, cast iron, and more, making it a versatile solution for different drainage systems.
  • It minimises the chances of tree roots infiltrating the drainage system, a common issue in older pipes.
  • Drain relining minimises environmental impact by reducing the need for extensive excavation, soil disruption, and material disposal.

Yes! We offer the strongest warranty in the industry for our Sydney relining process. We proudly offer a 40-year product warranty, ensuring that the materials used in the relining process meet the highest standards of longevity and performance. Our pipe relining solutions come with a 50-year life expectancy, guaranteeing a reliable and long-lasting investment for our customers. Our customers can trust that our pipe relining services resolve current problems with efficiency and provide a proactive and enduring approach to pipe rehabilitation. When you choose us for drain or sewer relining in Sydney, we do not provide a quick fix, a long-lasting solution that will withstand extreme pressures for years to come.

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Located centrally in the Sydney Metropolitan area, Sydney Pipe Relining can provide a quick and efficient solution for all pipe relining and blocked drains services across Sydney. We cover every suburb in Sydney so no matter where you are located in Sydney, if you’re in need of a pipe relining or blocked drains Sydney service contact the professionals at Sydney Pipe Relining today!

We are happy to be able to offer you a 24/7 service by appointment. The Sydney Pipe Relining team will visit your home or business at a convenient time for you and conduct a free no-obligation inspection and quote. We are able to discuss options and pricing to suit your needs. We are also happy to provide you with expert advice and answer any questions you may have about our pipe relining Sydney or blocked drains Sydney services. To speak to one of our friendly staff, contact us today.

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