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At Sydney Pipe Relining we have the latest and most advanced blocked drains clearing equipment on the market, including our high-powered hydro-jet drain cleaner. The hydro-jet drain cleaner not only makes our job easier and quicker, but also gives you the results you want and deserve without taking forever and costing you your hard-earned cash. No job is too difficult, too small or too big for our highly trained, experienced blocked drains Sydney professionals, all of whom have training and experience in effective use of the hydro-jet drain cleaner to clear the most stubborn blocked drains.

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Inserting a flexible cable into the problematic pipeline, water pressurised to 5000 psi is shot through a nozzle attachment which clears stubborn blocks in the drain. Different types of nozzles are used in the work based on the size of the pipe and the severity of the block. It can reach a blockage up to a hundred metres down even the darkest drain. Greasy accumulations, tree roots and any other debris are completely removed by our hydro-jet drain cleaner with no fuss leaving drain scoured clean.

At Sydney Pipe Relining we specialise in clearing blocked drains Sydney and we’ll take care of it effectively and efficiently with the use of our hydro-jet drain cleaner.

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Enquiry: Complete an online booking enquiry form or call us directly on 0488 698 698


On-site visitation: We will arrange an onsite visitation for a non-obligatory quote.

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Pipe Inspection

Complementary CCTV pipe inspection- Whilst on site we will provide a complementary Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) inspection of your pipeline.

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Quotation & Acceptance – Following the findings we can recommend the best solution and course of action to rectify your drainage / pipeline problem and provide a quotation.


Execution – Once the quotation is approved, we will schedule a suitable date and time to carry out the repair work.

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