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After approximately 30 years, the aging vertical sewer pipes within apartment high-rises inevitably succumb to rust and develop cracks along their length. This deterioration leads to the leakage of sewer water into walls, causing significant damage. Given that all the building’s sewer stacks share the same age and environmental conditions, subsequent pipes begin to leak shortly after the initial occurrence.

To address this issue, the most convenient solution for high-rise apartment complexes is pipe relining. Traditionally, repairs involve extensive disruption such as moving cabinets, mirrors, and cutting into concrete and drywall to replace the damaged section of the pipe, followed by repairing the affected walls.

However, a more efficient, cost-effective, and less disruptive approach to replacing these leaking stacks is through “cured-in-place pipe” lining.

We Keep Costs Down

Pipe relining offers cost advantages over traditional dig-and-replace methods due to reduced labor and excavation equipment requirements. Savings can reach up to half on smaller projects and up to two-thirds on larger ones. However, in shared properties like apartments, cost considerations often dictate whether relining projects proceed, with issues like odor, mess, and disruption further complicating decisions. 

To mitigate these challenges, strategies can be implemented to enhance the cost-effectiveness of pipe relining and alleviate concerns surrounding expenses, ensuring a smoother and more affordable solution for property owners.

Should I Reline or Replace my pipes in our sydney apartments?

Pipe relining offers a cost-effective and minimally disruptive alternative to traditional pipe replacement methods. Especially that an apartment block has many tenants, Relining can circumventing the need for extensive excavation, which mitigates potential damage to common ways, your flooring & neighbours, landscaping, driveways, and other surrounding structures. We reccomend complete pipe relining in most cases.

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On-site visitation: We will arrange an onsite visitation for a non-obligatory quote.

Complementary CCTV
Pipe Inspection

Complementary CCTV pipe inspection- Whilst on site we will provide a complementary Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) inspection of your pipeline.

Quotation &

Quotation & Acceptance – Following the findings we can recommend the best solution and course of action to rectify your drainage / pipeline problem and provide a quotation.


Execution – Once the quotation is approved, we will schedule a suitable date and time to carry out the repair work.

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